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Today the style of Purulia has become quite a prototype of Sydney's north shore. Features include well proportioned rooms and windows, the typical Wilson use of stone and whitewashed walls, louvred shutters, the colonnaded facade of the garage, the summer house, the brass door step and the general utility of the house and garden. In seeking out and drawing the buildings for his "Old Colonial Architecture in New South Wales and Tasmania", Hardy Wilson became aware of the siting and gardens of early colonial houses.

He was the first to recognise and appreciate a characteristic midth century style of gardening in New South Wales. For nearly 50 years his was the only voice stressing its importance and his descriptions - as vivid and full blown as the late summer gardens he visited - are still the most evocative.

Wilson looked at these gardens with a painter's eye, not the analytical eye of a designer. He was neither botanist not horticulturist. He appreciated their siting, colour and texture rather than their layout and details. Of large forest trees he admired only the picturesque angophora A. The latter were not carried out. Purulia and Macquarie Cottage have been altered. Eryldene presents a problem as in its final form it displays so much the taste and horticultural expertise of its owner, Professor Waterhouse, that Wilson's contribution is difficult to assess, and since it predates the other gardens, the influence of "Professor Pymble" on these should be considered.

Find a Post Office, street posting box, Parcel Locker or Parcel Collect location - Australia Post

The similarities between all Wilson's garden plans are marked. From his love and knowledge of colonial gardens came his choice of plants. The range is limited, but it contrasts with the ubiquitous palms, brush box and hybrid roses of contemporary gardens as stringkingly as his unbroken colour-washed walls contrasted with the redness of his neighbours' "multangular villas". Between the oleanders and the northern front there are perpendicular poplars Lombardy poplar, Populus nigra 'Italica' to balance the horizontal lines of the building.

On the southern side the distant city will be framed through olives Olea europaea grown grey, twisted and fruitful. In a wide circle around the house there are oranges Citrus aurantium and mandarins C.

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  8. Camellias are slowly opening dark glossy leaves before the wall spaces. Beside the stone flagged path bordered with box Buxus sempervirens , that leads from gate to door, there are fragrant shrubs, diosma Coleonema pulchrum , lemon verbena Lippia citriodora , lavenders Lavandula spp. Wilson planned his gardens with layouts of an easy, but nevertheless rigorously applied formal geometry, which owes little to colonial or contemporary English garden design to which Wilson makes no reference in any of his writings.

    They are unmistakably gardens designed by an architect who, though admiring the architectural work of Lutyens, probably knew little of current English gardens. This geometry Upon this circle Wilson playfully constructs an elaborate network of arcial and radial paths, cross paths and further circles. The geometry is complex but not forced and the architectural detailing is deliberately simple - flagged paths and summer houses with columns of whitewashed tree trunks.

    Behind the house an apsidal planting of fruiting olives surrounds a sundial on the central axis and screens a semi-annular kitchen and fruit garden.

    Australia's Panther Terror

    The positioning of the summer house at Purulia , on the cross-axis of the central path and diagonally to the right of the front door, is similar to the positioning of the more sophistocated one at Eryldene. The simple stone-flagged central path is common to all the gardens, yet it is a cottage detail, not found in the old colonial gardens of the County of Cumberland which Wilson knew.

    Inspiring Independence, Transforming Lives

    Dunstan Vane. The firms style followed the Colonial Revival based on the United States idiom, but also looked to Australian colonial architecture for inspiration. This style became very popular in the s. In Wilson returned to Sydney, where he became disillusioned with the state of Australian architecture and began writing his view sand ideas in a fictionalised biography "The dawn of a new civilisation" under a pseudonym of Richard Le Mesurer.

    In Wahroonga State Suburbs , of couple families with children, Of occupied private dwellings in Wahroonga State Suburbs , In Wahroonga State Suburbs , of occupied private dwellings 3. The average number of bedrooms per occupied private dwelling was 3. The average household size was 2. In Wahroonga State Suburbs , of all households, Proportions are calculated using all tenure types for occupied private dwellings. This excludes visitor only and other non-classifiable households. The nature of the income imputation means that the reported proportion may significantly overstate the true proportion.

    The median age was 18 years. There has been change in methodology used to calculate the average number of persons per bedroom. To compare the time series for average number of persons per bedroom please refer to Understanding the Census and Census Data.

    2016 Census QuickStats

    Small random adjustments have been made to all cell values to protect the confidentiality of data. These adjustments may cause the sum of rows or columns to differ by small amounts from the table totals. For further information, go to the User Guide for QuickStats. Because Norfolk Island has not previously been included in the Census, any benchmarks will not include Norfolk Island. History and Archives.

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    The School relocated in Wahroonga in , with 13 boarders and 10 day girls. Things have of course expanded since then. We attract staff of the highest calibre, whose enthusiasm and skills support the Christian ethos of the School and its culture. We invite you to explore … Christian faith Christian faith Abbotsleigh acknowledges the importance of spiritual growth and wellbeing for each st Outdoor education Outdoor education develops resilience, confidence and independence Readmore. Global perspective Our girls develop a dynamic world view by building meaningful connections in other co Service Learning The relationship between improving a situation and the learning gained by that experi Technology At Abbotsleigh, we recognise the importance of up-to-date and innovative technology Readmore.

    High potential learners Abbotsleigh provides challenging learning experiences for our gifted and talented stu Environmental education If we want children to flourish, we need to give them time to connect with nature Readmore. Our campuses Abbotsleigh is situated across two campuses on 15 tree studded hectares in Wahroonga.

    Senior School Clubs and Activities Our clubs and activity groups are off and running for Congratulations Reverend Polly Butterworth This week we had cause to rejoice in a very special event. Senior School Pedestrian Safety Some important things to consider to keep the safety of our Senior School girls as a priority.

    Junior School Pedestrian Safety Keep these simple tips in mind to ensure that your daughter is safe when walking to and from school.

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