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CONS Bathroom selfies, nude shots, cringe-worthy taglines.

Mt Lawley Manor + wifi + parking + Netflix

I wish I could say I was kidding. Sutherlan , lawyer, 24, and Kortnie , dancer and psychology student, 22 Together since January Sutherlan My friend told me about Tinder initially. I thought it seemed interesting, a different way of meeting girls. I started talking to her and I ended up seeing her out that night at The Shed!

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We ended up hanging out until the early hours of the morning. Two days later, we went for a date at Kelp pop-up bar in South Freo. We pretty much hung out the next ten days straight, and we decided to make it exclusive after that. Ah, the old fashioned way. Picking up at a bar is supposed to be a breeze, but scoring a date while slinging a drink has always eluded me.

But for this feature, I was determined to change my play — and win a date, or at least a phone number, in the process.

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Hitting up Helvetica with a group of friends, I was intimidated by the small cliques. However, my wingman was not having a bar of it chortle and made me identify the cutest boy in the joint — the bartender, incidentally. He marched me up to him as if I were a naughty toddler, only the piece of paper in my hand was not a reluctant sorry note but my number scrawled on a napkin. Unfortunately, my wingman also let slip it was for an article — the poor guy looked petrified. Although cute bartender messaged me that very night, it was clear the ball was in my court — he made me name the date, time and place.

But as the night wore on, he relaxed. For a dating novice, he was a quick learner! I decided to listen to local gospel when picking my next pick-up venue.

He followed up the next day, suggesting Greek restaurant Brika. PROS Liquid courage. CONS Some people hit the bars just to find one-night-stands. Tiffany , nurse, 25, and Justin , lawyer, 26 Together since He called me three days after.

He was definitely playing the game. I almost stopped seeing him because he was so intermittent with his texts, but I stuck it out. I must have known it would be worth it. When he dropped me home, we had a little kiss. I had been waiting for ages! We moved in together last year after we got back from a trip to New York. My friend met her long-term boyfriend through yours truly — so, feeling she had a bit of romantic debt to pay back, she was quick to volunteer her services in engineering a blind date.

I was a bit dubious about the concept — who but Jewish grandmothers in the movies actually thought they were a good idea?

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But my friend assured me the guy in question was nice, smart and socially adept, so I relented and let her give him my number. He responded dutifully, texting me to suggest the new Northbridge Brewing Company, and even offered to pick me up. But was love really, er, blind? I was about to find out. The guy picked me up bang on time and was polite and gentlemanly, with a nice manner that had the convo flowing smoothly.

And the fact he cited Nabokov as his favourite author? Still, there was something fundamental missing: chemistry. Still, as far as first dates go it could certainly have been worse. Georgie , physiotherapist, 24, and Jack , psychology student, 24 Together since August Georgie My friend arranged for Jack and I to meet at a party. It was a little awkward at first, but I liked how genuine he was and the way he listened… He texted me the next day, asking me out. We had a sit-down dinner — it was more formal than I was used to but we had a lot of laughs.

My mum met her boyfriend on a blind date too! Can a perfect stranger really choose a match for you with higher accuracy than, well, yourself? Just Coffee is another popular one, due to its low-pressure philosophy — everyone has time for a coffee, right? Speed dating in the quaint Beaufort Street Books while discussing your favourite books? What a novel idea heh.

Our readers dished on the dating faux pas that would tempt them to sneak out the side door. Pick-up lines are best served with extra cheese, so we dare you to try some of these groan-worthy lines on for size. Chances are you discovered all the important credentials over a glass of wine, and they made the cut.

Here at Perth Guide, we reckon no sense of humour is a deal breaker, so find out if your date can partake in the lolz at comedy night. Add your email address here so that I can send you the download link. No Comments. Dating apps and the internet have given singles more ways to meet but come with hazards. This scam can be pretty simple to avoid!

Also many scammers profiles look too good to be true and they usually are. Stay safe!

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best hookup app in Mount Lawley Australia Best hookup app in Mount Lawley Australia
best hookup app in Mount Lawley Australia Best hookup app in Mount Lawley Australia
best hookup app in Mount Lawley Australia Best hookup app in Mount Lawley Australia
best hookup app in Mount Lawley Australia Best hookup app in Mount Lawley Australia
best hookup app in Mount Lawley Australia Best hookup app in Mount Lawley Australia
best hookup app in Mount Lawley Australia Best hookup app in Mount Lawley Australia

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