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We are not prioritizing passholders, nor are we prioritizing day ticket purchasers. We are prioritizing safety. Our passes and pricing this season are designed to spread people out and enable capacity controls should the pandemic require them. To encourage as many of us as possible to take advantage of our quieter periods, we have a new weekday pass for Roaring Fork Valley residents, which is a great value but will also be subject to a reservation system if infection rates rise and health officials request that we reduce capacity further.

It has been inspiring to see our Valley come together over the last six months, and we owe a huge debt to our essential workers who keep our community going. In addition, working with local hospitals and grocery stores, we will be providing the same to select employees who were on the frontlines throughout the pandemic.

This will definitely be a year of learning, of accelerating improvements such as touchless transaction technology, and even transformation. Thank you for joining this effort and showing the world that our mountain town remains resolute in living our values, and embracing a spirit of compassion and unity.

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See you from a distance on the hill, - Mike rich-text. After November 20, passes are nonrefundable and unused days have no value. However, Multi-Event Insurance through Travel Guard is available for purchase to cover your investment. Click here to learn more about Travel Guard.

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If we are shut down due to Covid for 10 or more days of the season, we will issue refunds, prorated for each day we are fully shut down compared to our published season dates, for all Aspen Snowmass passes, except the Valley 7-Pack and Classic Pass. Refunds will not be issued in the event we implement a reservation system.

For the Ikon pass refund policy please see their website. For the Mountain Collective refund policy please see their website. Should these metrics show an increased rate of community spread that initiates additional restrictions and regulations, we may implement a reservations system across all products.

If this happens we cannot guarantee that every passholder will be able to obtain a reservation on the days they want. The system can flex based on changing metrics. If we launch a reservations system, we will let everyone know through targeted emails, via our website and through social media platforms. We will do our best to give everyone as much advance notice as possible.

You may join our email list below to ensure you are receiving communications in a timely manner to better prepare for your trip. Subject to all terms and conditions of the pass agreement, season passes offer access to our four mountains when they are open and operating for the public. We are skiers at heart who want to ski every day we are able.

However, Aspen Skiing Company makes no guarantees about season length, opening and closing dates, or that the mountains will all be open every day Circumstances, including snow, wind, avalanche, weather conditions, health concerns, public safety or other unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, may require us to limit access to our mountains for a period of time.

When access is limited for any reason, you may not be able to utilize your pass. Season passes are nontransferable. New Uphilling Policy. Uphilling has become synonymous with Aspen Snowmass. Buttermilk, Snowmass and Aspen Highlands will still provide uphilling access during operating hours. Aspen Mountain will remain status quo with no uphill access allowed during operating hours due to skier safety.

New this year, uphillers will need to remain on designated, signed routes during operating hours. The results, however, are less robust across models than for mean temperature. For Europe, recent studies Vautard et al. Regarding changes in heavy precipitation, Figure 3. Further analyses are available in Supplementary Material 3. These analyses show that projected changes in heavy precipitation are more uncertain than those for temperature extremes. However, the mean response of model simulations is generally robust and linear see also Fischer et al.

As observed for temperature extremes, this response is also mostly independent of the considered emissions scenario e. This feature appears to be specific to heavy precipitation, possibly due to a stronger coupling with temperature, as the scaling of projections of mean precipitation changes with global warming shows some scenario dependency Pendergrass et al. Robust changes in heavy precipitation compared to pre-industrial conditions are found at both 1. This is also consistent with results for, for example, the European continent, although different indices for heavy precipitation changes have been analysed.

Based on regional climate simulations, Vautard et al. Their findings are consistent with those of Jacob et al. There is consistent agreement in the direction of change in heavy precipitation at 1. Differences in heavy precipitation are generally projected to be small between 1. Some regions display substantial increases, for instance southern Asia, but generally in less than two-thirds of the CMIP5 models Figure 3.

Wartenburger et al. AR5 assessed that the global monsoon, aggregated over all monsoon systems, is likely to strengthen, with increases in its area and intensity, while the monsoon circulation weakens Christensen et al. A few publications provide more recent evaluations of projections of changes in monsoons for high-emission scenarios e.

However, scenarios at 1. Consequently, the current assessment is that there is low confidence regarding changes in monsoons at these lower global warming levels, as well as regarding differences in monsoon responses at 1. Similar to Figure 3. Hotspots displaying statistically significant changes in heavy precipitation at 1. Results are less consistent for other regions. Note that analyses for meteorological drought lack of precipitation are provided in Section 3.

In summary, observations and projections for mean and heavy precipitation are less robust than for temperature means and extremes high confidence. Several large regions display statistically significant differences in heavy precipitation at 1. Overall, regions that display statistically significant changes in heavy precipitation between 1. There is low confidence in projected changes in heavy precipitation in other regions.

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The underlying methodology and the data basis are the same as in Figure 3. The IPCC AR5 assessed that there was low confidence in the sign of drought trends since at the global scale, but that there was high confidenc e in observed trends in some regions of the world, including drought increases in the Mediterranean and West Africa and drought decreases in central North America and northwest Australia Hartmann et al.

AR5 assessed that there was low confidence in the attribution of global changes in droughts and did not provide assessments for the attribution of regional changes in droughts Bindoff et al. The recent literature does not suggest that the SREX and AR5 assessment of drought trends should be revised, except in the Mediterranean region.

Recent publications based on observational and modelling evidence suggest that human emissions have substantially increased the probability of drought years in the Mediterranean region Gudmundsson and Seneviratne, ; Gudmundsson et al. Based on this evidence, there is medium confidence that enhanced greenhouse forcing has contributed to increased drying in the Mediterranean region including southern Europe, northern Africa and the Near East and that this tendency will continue to increase under higher levels of global warming.

There is medium confidence in projections of changes in drought and dryness. However, given this medium confidence , the current assessment does not include a likelihood statement, thereby maintaining consistency with the IPCC uncertainty guidance document Mastrandrea et al. The technical summary of AR5 Stocker et al. However, more recent assessments have highlighted uncertainties in dryness projections due to a range of factors, including variations between the drought and dryness indices considered, and the effects of enhanced CO 2 concentrations on plant water-use efficiency Orlowsky and Seneviratne, ; Roderick et al.

Overall, projections of changes in drought and dryness for high-emissions scenarios e. Uncertainty is expected to be even larger for conditions with a smaller signal-to-noise ratio, such as for global warming levels of 1. Some published literature is now available on the evaluation of differences in drought and dryness occurrence at 1. These analyses have produced consistent findings overall, despite the known sensitivity of drought assessments to chosen drought indices see above paragraph.

These analyses suggest that increases in drought, dryness or precipitation deficits are projected at 1. Generally, the clearest signals are found for the Mediterranean region medium confidence. Greve et al. The simulations analysed span the full range of available emission scenarios, and the sensitivities are derived using a modified pattern scaling approach.

The applied approach assumes linear dependencies on global temperature changes while thoroughly addressing associated uncertainties via resampling methods. Northern high-latitude regions display robust responses tending towards increased wetness, while subtropical regions display a tendency towards drying but with a large range of responses. While the internal variability and the scenario choice play an important role in the overall spread of the simulations, the uncertainty stemming from the climate model choice usually dominates, accounting for about half of the total uncertainty in most regions Wartenburger et al.

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The sign of projections, that is, whether there might be increases or decreases in water availability under higher global warming levels, is particularly uncertain in tropical and mid-latitude regions. An assessment of the implications of limiting the global mean temperature increase to values below i 1. The findings from the analysis for the mean response by Greve et al.

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They are also consistent with a study by Lehner et al. Notably, these two publications do not provide a specific assessment of changes in the tails of the drought and dryness distribution.

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The conclusions of Lehner et al. Note that the responses vary widely among the considered regions. Similar to Figures 3. This analysis reveals the following hotspots of drying i. Non—significant differences are shown in grey shading.

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  7. Consistent with this analysis, the available literature particularly supports robust increases in dryness and decreases in water availability in southern Europe and the Mediterranean with a shift from 1. This region is already displaying substantial drying in the observational record Seneviratne et al. The other identified hotspots, southern Africa and northeastern Brazil, also consistently display drying trends under higher levels of forcing in other publications e.

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    There is low confidence elsewhere, owing to a lack of consistency in analyses with different models or different dryness indicators. However, in many regions there is medium confidence that most extreme risks of changes in dryness are avoided if global warming is constrained at 1. In summary, in terms of drought and dryness, limiting global warming to 1.

    speed dating meetup near Forest Hill Australia Speed dating meetup near Forest Hill Australia
    speed dating meetup near Forest Hill Australia Speed dating meetup near Forest Hill Australia
    speed dating meetup near Forest Hill Australia Speed dating meetup near Forest Hill Australia
    speed dating meetup near Forest Hill Australia Speed dating meetup near Forest Hill Australia
    speed dating meetup near Forest Hill Australia Speed dating meetup near Forest Hill Australia
    speed dating meetup near Forest Hill Australia Speed dating meetup near Forest Hill Australia

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